History of Birmingham – The Magic City Classic

The Magic City Classic is America's #1 HBCU Classic. Join us as we take a look at the history and the legacy of the Magic City Classic and how things have changed over the years.

Magic City Classic History

The Magic City Classic history tells the ultimate story of one of the most epic events in Birmingham. The 77th McDonald’s Magic City Classic, presented by Coca-Cola, is America’s #1 HBCU classic. And, it’s hosted right here in Birmingham at Legion Field.

Game Time

The Alabama A&M Bulldogs and the Alabama State Hornets will face off in the McDonald’s Magic City Classic on Saturday, October 27 with kickoff at 2:30 p.m.

Magic City Classic


Game day parking at Legion Field is extremely limited and is $20 per vehicle. Because of this, there will be a shuttle system available from three different locations that will drop you off at Legion Field and will run continuously throughout the day. Parking is free and shuttle rides are $5 round-trip. Kids 12 and under receive free shuttle rides.


Match Up

Unlike some classics, the Magic City Classic has always been played by the same two teams. For 77 years, the two largest historically black universities in the state, Alabama State University (ASU) and Alabama A&M University (AAMU), have competed in the series for the Magic City Classic trophy. To date, there have been 81 total meetings between the schools.

Magic City Classic History

Magic City Classic


Another fun tradition is all the food and tailgating that takes place just before kickoff. We live in the south and we like to eat some good ole tailgate-style food! There will be no shortage of delicious food so make sure to come early. See the tailgating guide here.

Magic City Classic

Magic City Classic Parade

The Magic City Classic Parade is the magic of the classic. It is one of the most talked about parades across the nation! You can expect thousands of people to attend the parade each year.

You will be delightfully entertained by the best high school and college bands, dance teams and entertainment around! The parade will be led by the famous McDonald’s float carrying celebrities and the game Ambassador. You won’t want to miss the bands and dance teams from both Alabama State University and Alabama A&M University. This is a rain-or-shine event. The parade will be broadcast LIVE on WBRC FOX6 in Birmingham, as well as the Raycom affiliates in Huntsville, Montgomery and Dothan!

This year’s parade will be held on Saturday at 8 a.m.

Magic City Classic

Magic City Classic

Magic City Classic


No matter if this is your first time attending the classic or if you’ve been to nearly every game, one thing will remain true and that is the experience has always been the same. You can feel the excitement,  you can feel the camaraderie, you can feel the experience of inclusion and togetherness. To some, who won the game doesn’t matter the most. It has always been about the experience. If you haven’t been to the Magic City Classic, you haven’t experienced partying, music, the excitement, or football.

Magic City Classic History

Magic City Classic

Magic City Classic


Change in Leadership

Eighteen years ago in 2000, Gene Hallman and the Bruno Event Team took the Magic City Classic to a whole new level. It was at this time that the Magic City Classic became the largest and the #1 HBCU classic in the nation. This took a lot of hard work and effort to make this happen and there are no plans to slow down.

How the classic became the McDonald’s Magic City Classic

On the 75th anniversary of the event in 2016, organizers had the opportunity to rebrand the classic the McDonald’s Magic City Classic presented by Coca-Cola. These iconic brands have contributed a strong leadership for this historical classic.

Magic City Classic

Classic History

The all-time Magic City Classic record is 39-34-4 with AAMU leading the series.

2017   ASU 21-16
2016   AAMU 42-41
2015   ASU     35-20
2014   AAMU 37-36
2013   ASU     31-7
2012   ASU     31-13
2011   AAMU 20-19
2010   ASU     33-10
2009   AAMU 21-7
2008   AAMU 17-16
2007   AAMU 13-9
2006   AAMU 21-13
2005   AAMU 31-28
2004   ASU     24-20
2003   AAMU 20-17
2002   AAMU 23-20
2001   ASU     35-0
2000   AAMU 34-27
1999   AAMU 10-15
1998   ASU     34-28
1997   ASU     20-13
1996   AAMU 20-3
1995   ASU     37-20
1994   ASU     26-0
1993   ASU     7-0
 1992   ASU     14-11
1991   ASU     59-13
1990   ASU     24-20
1989   AAMU 17-10
1988   ASU     7-0
1987   ASU     17-14
1986   AAMU 20-1
1985   AAMU 7-6
1984   AAMU 28-12
1983   AAMU 27-14
1982   TIE      13-13
1981   AAMU 13-3
1980   ASU     20-17
1979   ASU     17-14
1978   AAMU 22-7
1977   ASU     14-7
1976   AAMU 17-15
1975   AAMU 29-22
1974   AAMU 14-7
1973   AAMU 10-7
1972   AAMU 8-7
1971   ASU     12-6
1970   AAMU 26-18
1969   ASU     26-6
1968   ASU     27-2

1967   ASU     13-7
1966   AAMU 36-19
1965   AAMU 34-0
1964   AAMU 30-0
1963   AAMU 32-14
1962   AAMU 54-6
1961   AAMU 32-12
1960   AAMU 22-20
1959   ASU     22-0
1958   ASU     20-8
1957   ASU     13-7
1956   TIE      0-0
1955   AAMU 13-6
1954   ASU     23-7
1953   AAMU 13-7
1952   AAMU 38-13
1951   AAMU 27-6
1950   ASU     16-12
1949   TIE      13-13
1948   AAMU 14-8
1947   ASU     12-6
1946   ASU     15-14
1945   ASU     20-7
1942   AAMU 20-6
1941   ASU     21-13
1940   ASU     24-6


Magic City Classic

Now that you’re all hyped up for the classic, make sure to get your tickets now!

Reserved tickets are $35. General admission tickets are $25. For more information on tickets, please visit: www.magiccityclassic.com.

Jermaine ‘FunnyMaine’ Johnson tells you more

The McDonald’s Magic City Classic: America’s #1 HBCU classic!

This post sponsored by The Magic City Classic.

All historical photos provided by Alabama State University.

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