3 tips for deer season in drought conditions

Deer season is underway in Alabama meaning lots more people in the woods and with the cooler weather many outdoor enthusiasts will be hiking and camping.

In fact, according to Rangers with the U. S. Forest Service the dry conditions have actually reached desert-like conditions.

They say long range forecast models indicate there may not be significant rain until possibly January. The long-term effects of the drought on both plants and animals may not be fully determined for years.

There are things all Alabamians can do to help make sure conditions don’t get any worse and that includes helping protect our firefighters by following a few simple rules.

The Forest Service encourages all Alabamians to heed these fire prevention tips during the current drought:

  • Always consider alternatives to debris burning and campfires
  • Check for burn bans and fire restrictions
  • Report wildfires or any suspicious fire activity immediately. The Arson Hotline number is 1-800-654-0775.

Visit www.firewise.org and learn how to protect your home from wildfire.

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