The 360 Rush at Spring Valley Beach is for thrill seekers!

The 360 Rush at Spring Valley Beach is definitely not for faint of heart!

360 Rush

What’s the 360 Rush?

Launching two riders at the same time, 360 Rush delivers the ultimate in extreme slide technology with a high-energy twist to signature ride attractions that will put a smile on any rider’s face.

From the towering launch platform, riders gaze down 58 feet to see two 32-inch tubes enter opposite sides of an enormous bowl. After entering separate launch modules, riders’ adrenaline begins to surge as they await the countdown for simultaneous release. Launching down near-vertical entry tubes, rider speeds rapidly accelerate, peaking at up to 30mph. By streamlining their bodies in a straight line, experienced riders will be able to “chase” each other inside the bowl for multiple revolutions. Their ride concludes as they come to a gradual stop in the shallow pool located in the middle of the bowl. Riders then simply stand up and make their way to the spiral stairway to either exit the ride or head back up the tower for yet another thrill pumping experience!

By launching riders in pairs, 360Rush provides an unparalleled guest experience that keeps riders coming back for more.  You must be at least 48″ tall to ride 360 Rush.

Spring Valley Beach is a unique water park

Spring Valley Beach

Spring Valley Beach Water Park is nestled away on 25 acres making for a perfect get-a-way adventure for the whole family. Spring Valley Beach Water Park has been recognized as a “Driving Destination”, an “Absolutely Alabama attraction”, and a “Tennessee Valley Treasure.” Spring Valley Beach Water Park is a charming, one-of-a-kind, family-owned water park; it is the only water park in the southeast where you can bring your own picnic basket or grill to the park, provides free suntan lotion, and offers free parking. With more than 20 gazebos and pavilion areas, 10 thrilling water slides, the Southeast’s largest pool, and a huge Kids water playground; Spring Valley Beach really does provide something for any occasion.

Spring Valley Beach

Spring Valley Beach Water park has continued to be one of the premier travel destinations in the South. Whether guests seek thrilling water slides or a relaxing experience, Spring Valley offers something for every age and interest.

Spring Valley Beach Water park is a family-owned and operated water park located in Blountsville, Alabama. The water park is approximately 60 minutes north of Birmingham, AL and approximately 60 minutes south of Huntsville, Alabama right off of Highway 231.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Spring Valley Beach Water park!

This post is sponsored by Spring Valley Beach Water Park.

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