4 Reasons to Use Lump Charcoal

Why you need to give lump charcoal a shot.

When it comes to charcoal grilling, briquettes are king.

Cheap and often filled with additives to help them light quickly, manufactured briquettes are an easy go-to that can be found just about anywhere. But there is another option out there that deserves your attention.

Charcoal is made by burning wood with little oxygen, leaving behind carbon. That burnt wood is then mashed together with some additives to create briquettes. Lump charcoal, on the other hand, keeps that burnt wood in its natural state, resulting in a pure product.

Lump charcoal might not be as popular as briquettes, but as our friends at Kitchen and Company in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina tell us,  it boasts many benefits that make it worth giving a try. Check out the video above to see for yourself.

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