How to chant like the American Outlaws for the Women’s World Cup

American Outlaws Chants
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Do you love the United States and want a new way to support this great country of ours? If so, this summer provides a great opportunity for you!

From now into July, you can get your red, white and blue on during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. The U.S. national team enters the tournament as the defending champion and only nation to win three championships in the tournament’s short history.

It should be a fun month of soccer, but it won’t get any more fun than watching a match with the American Outlaws, which are the team’s premier support group.

The Outlaws have a chapter here in Birmingham which watches matches at Good People Brewing Company, and it’s quite a time. The group is incredibly welcoming, but if you don’t want to walk into the brewery wide-eyed, learn a few of the Outlaws’ chants below.

American Outlaws Chants

(Disclaimer: These chants will get stuck in your head.)


We Love Ya


Come on U.S. Score a Goal

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