Baby Shark Mac and Cheese hitting Walmart shelves

Baby Shark Mac and Cheese!

Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo 🎶🎶🎶

Sorry, we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to get that song stuck in your head now that it’s in ours!

By now you’ve probably heard Shark Week has been postponed, but we’ve got some fintastic news to share. You can still swim with the sharks this month, thanks to the introduction of Baby Shark Mac and Cheese, available exclusively at Walmart.

baby shark mac and cheese

When can you get a box?

Baby Shark Mac and Cheese will hit Walmart shelves exclusively beginning the week of July 27 for just 50 cents a box! Yep, a box is only going to set you back by two quarters.

Cue the feeding frenzy.

The macaroni noodles features all your favorite Baby Shark characters – Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Baby Shark, Grandma Shark, and Grandpa Shark.

baby shark mac and cheese

Before you throw away the box (and get it back out for directions for like the 4th time), there’s a fun maze on the back of the box where your child can help Baby Shark get to his fish friend, William.

baby shark mac and cheese

We’re so excited we don’t know what to “do do do doooo…”

Okay, enough of the cheese…make sure to add this to your grocery list in the coming weeks!

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