Baskin Robbins recreated the ice cream shop from ‘Stranger Things’

If you’re in the know about what’s happening in pop culture recently, then you’ll know that Stranger Things season three just hit Netflix on July 4. If you watch the show, then you’ll also be aware of the show’s heavily featured ice cream shop: Scoops Ahoy. If all of that ice cream looked tasty to you, then we’ve got good news: you can visit the restaurant in real life… you’ll just have to go to Burbank, CA to do it.

Here’s what the outside of the parlor looks like. (Source: Baskin Robbins/Instagram)

The servers are all dressed in uniforms similar to the ones worn in the show. In addition, you’ll find some exclusive branded gear, a photo opp wall, and whole bunch of items that are basically there to appeal to Instagram influencers.

Check out what the ice cream bar looks like below:

The ‘Scoops Ahoy’ ice cream parlor looks very similar to the one in Stranger Things season three. (Source: Instagram/Baskin Robbins)

And like we said – the dress code is almost exactly like the show, as well. Don’t worry about the demogorgon, he’s not real… we think.

(Source: Instagram/Baskin Robbins)

You’re probably wondering what the ice cream looks like, though. Well, here’s an example…

Doesn’t that look delicious? (Source: Pinterest/Baskin Robbins)

As you can see, this one’s called “Eleven’s Heaven,” named after the series’ main character. But that’s the first of many, and you can get a better idea of what’s on offer by heading over to the Baskin Robbins Pinterest gallery by clicking here.

But that’s about it. It’s just a cool, little thing we thought you should know about in the wake of Stranger Things’ third season on Netflix.

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