Bendy’s Cookies & Cream opening a store front in Cahaba Heights

If you’re a local ice cream connoisseur, you’ve likely tried or at least heard of Bendy’s Cookies & Cream. This company takes their delicious treat of freshly-baked cookies and homemade ice cream out in their food truck. Now, the popular dessert food truck is getting a store front.

Bendy's Cookies & Cream

Saturday, June 15 is the grand opening for Bendy’s brick-and-mortar shop. This will make it easier for you to scarf down their signature from-scratch desserts on a regular basis. Great news for our taste buds; bad news for our waistlines. The new store front is located behind Martin’s BBQ in the Cahaba Heights area of Vestavia Hills.

Facebook: Bendy’s Cookies & Cream


Doors open at noon on June 15. Martin’s BBQ will also be filling-up folks for the grand opening. Of course, some of the favorite flavors of cookies and ice cream will be ready for you to choose from to create your own signature sandwich. However, Bendy’s is known for rotating seasonal flavors and keeping the menu fresh.

Facebook: Bendy’s Cookies & Cream

Haven’t tried Bendy’s yet?

You’re in for a treat, literally. There’s a list of delicious ice creams like Coffee, Sweet Cream and Maple Praline Pecan. Once you choose the inside of your sandwich, then you choose the holders: we’re talking thick and chewy cookie options like Pretzel Toffee, Ginger Molasses, or Chocolate Chip. Make your own creation.

These ice cream sandwiches are just about as sweet as the formation of the company. Ben and Wendy dated, married, and started a business that’s a sandwich of their names — “Bendy.”

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