Billy Reid brings unique fashion and style to Birmingham

Billy Reid sat down to talk with us about his life in fashion and how his unique journey has influenced his style.

Billy Reid: A modern Southern icon

Billy Reid

From his home in Florence, Alabama, Billy Reid has been making expertly crafted, standout clothes for more than twenty years. Billy Reid has earned some of the most prestigious honors in fashion. Billy’s approach is to make clothing that is built to last. Everyone at Billy Reid believes in creating fewer, better items of clothing with an approach that is rooted in sustainability.

It’s all in the details

Billy Reid

As you browse the collection you’ll notice a common thread between every piece: quality detailing. The designers take your favorite wardrobe staples and improve them through unexpected high-quality detailing, carefully considering every button, every thread, and every stitch.

Luxury clothing that’s usable, not flashy

Billy Reid

The design approach is simple, make luxury clothing that is tasteful and usable, not overly flashy. Embracing the creativity, the culture and the diversity of the new south to make clothing that will instantly inspire confidence and quickly become your favorite piece.

Visit Billy Reid

Billy Reid

Billy Reid has 13 locations all across the country from the original store in Florence, Alabama to Tennesee, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana and more. The Birmingham store is located in Pepper Place at 2807 2nd Ave S. You can click here to find the store closest to you. You can also follow Billy Reid on Instagram and Facebook.

CLICK HERE to browse the online selection.

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