Birmingham candy shops with sweet treats for Valentine’s Day

Some of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts are candy, cards and flowers. If you’re choosing to indulge the sweet tooth of your favorite person for the holiday, we have three great Birmingham candy shops that have a wide selection of sweets for your sweetie! Of course, it never hurts to purchase a few goodies for yourself.

1. The Birmingham Candy Company

This is your classic, specialty candy shop with an unusual storefront.  Truffles, chocolate-covered marshmallows and peanut brittle can all be found at various pop-ups around town. This dates and locations will be posted to their website. Click here to see the calendar.

2. Sugar

If you’re looking for quintessential candy shops, Sugar has the goods. Sugar more geared to the younger candy connoisseur, with glass dishes that are filled with M&M, Skittles, gummies, and other colorful confections. Scoop the candies you want and get charged by the pound. Or, have custom gift buckets filled for your sweetie.

(Source: Sugar on Facebook)

3. Chocolatá

For a taste of the divine, your best bet is checking out Chocolatá. This is a more refined candy shop that brings a new age vibe, with selections like New Moon Bars and Chocolata’s Mystic Eyes. In fact, the three eye-shaped bonbons have different fillings and come with an inspiring message or fortune. Yes, please!


This rather grown up candy shop mixes chocolate flavor’s with “earth’s seasonal bounty.” For instance, there are beautiful and aromatic ingredients, like dried blueberries, candied lemon and rose petals, mixed into chocolate bars. Pretty trendy, right? At Chocolata, you can pick out what appeals to you, or rather you can have a gift box made. If you opt for bonbons in a box, let them know what wine you’d like to pair with the chocolates, and they can choose the flavors to mix.

Which Birmingham candy shops are your favorite? Tell us about it at

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