Birmingham Ghost Stories: The Murder of Father Coyle

Birmingham is no stranger to the unusual or the macabre. Hauntings are around every corner. In this Birmingham Ghost Story we examine the strange happenings that followed The Murder of Father Coyle.

The Magic City is without a doubt one of the south’s supernatural hotbeds with strange stories on every corner. The murder of Father James Coyle and the hauntings that followed his grisly murder are one of Birmingham’s more interesting haunted tales.

Birmingham Ghost Stories Father Coyle

Birmingham Ghost Stories: The Murder of Father Coyle

In 1919 Ruth Stephenson wanted to get married. Her father, Edwin Stephenson furiously objected because the man she was to wed was a Puerto Rican wallpaper hanger by the name of Pedro Gussman. Edwin Stephenson claimed to be a Methodist minister, but he had no church. Edwin also was suspected of having ties to the Ku Klux Klan and was known to be an avid reader of anti-Catholic propaganda.

Ruth decided to elope to St. Paul’s Cathedral in downtown Birmingham, the rector at the time was Reverend James Coyle. Ruth and Pedro Gussman were married by Father Coyle and when Edwin Stephenson found out he was sent into a jealous rage. Edwin Stephenson took his gun, walked to the rectory where Father Coyle was on the porch, opened the gate, drew his weapon and fired several shots, killing Father James Coyle. Edwin Stephenson then walked to the Jefferson County Courthouse and turned himself in proclaiming “I have rid Birmingham of that Catholic monster“.

The rectory where Father Coyle’s murder had taken place was thought to have been tainted. A full Catholic exorcism was performed in the hopes of cleansing it, but it was ultimately destroyed when that failed to stop the strange occurrences that began happening after Father Coyle’s murder.

The current rectory was built in late 1922 and is “The James Coyle memorial rectory”. It too suffers from strange “events”. The lights have a tendency to flicker on and off, the doorbell will ring all by itself, the rocking chairs that used to adorn the front porch were many times observed to begin rocking by themselves. Most incredibly, many people say that late at night the figure of a man dressed in white can be seen in the front window of the rectory. Could this man in white be Father Coyle still looking over the site of his own murder on the rectory steps? Perhaps we will never know.

The Birmingham Ghost Walk

Birmingham Ghost Stories Father Coyle

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