Birmingham Ghost Stories – The Haunted Halls of the Tutwiler

In this Birmingham Ghost Story we explore some of the paranormal stories about the spirit of a child that haunts the hallways of the Tutwiler Hotel.

Ghost stories at the Tutwiler hotel

The Tutwiler Hotel in downtown Birmingham has had both employees and guests tell stories of hauntings by the ghost of a young girl. The spirit of the young girl might be that of a girl who’s family lived in The Ridgely Apartment building back during WWI. The girl’s father died during the war, her mother passed away from tuberculosis and the girl dropped out of history. Some people theorize that she might have ended up at a local war orphanage, an orphanage that burned to the ground.

Haunting the Hallways

ghost stories

It has been said that the little girl goes up and down the hallways knocking on doors as she passes by.  The front desk staff and the security staff have reported seeing on the security monitors a little girl in an old fashioned dress with black pigtails skipping up and down the halls and playing. Sometimes people have been seen walking right by her without acknowledging her existence. Occasionally she will turn and walk into one of the rooms, without ever opening the door.

The Birmingham Ghost Walk

Birmingham Ghost Stories Father Coyle

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