Birmingham Ghost Stories: The Phantom of Redmont Hotel

In this Birmingham Ghost Story we explore some of the supernatural phenomenon reported to happen at The Redmont Hotel.

The Redmont Hotel is no stranger to unexplained phenomenon. Several stories have been told over the years that could point to the hotel being haunted by a former owner, Clifford Stiles.

Birmingham Ghost Stories

Birmingham Ghost Stories

The Redmont Hotel is home to several of the Magic City’s most incredible ghost stories, and the story of a phantom that walks the halls terrorizing the maid staff is no different. Clifford Stiles purchased The Redmont Hotel in 1946. He is said to have been a very strict manager and was even said to have beaten his maids with a walking stick if they didn’t do a proper job. The spirit of Mr. Stiles is thought to still walk the halls of the Redmont today where he is said to be displeased with an improperly cleaned room. People say that his spirit will pull the sheets off the beds. Others have reported that their toiletries have been mysteriously raked into the tub or into the floor. The maids at the Redmont Hotel now stay on their toes so that they don’t incur the wrath of Clifford Stiles.

The Birmingham Ghost Walk

Birmingham Ghost Stories Father Coyle

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