No joke: Birmingham’s first improv comedy theatre is now open!

Birmingham Improv Theatre (MCW)

If you’re searching for a good laugh in the Magic City, you won’t need to look too far. The Birmingham Improv Theatre, the city’s first improv theatre & comedy house, is now open! The “BIT” is a brand-new space dedicated to improv comedy. It’s also the home for sketch, stand-up, musical, and play comedy productions – pretty much any form of comedy you can think of!

A ‘BIT’ more comedy

The theatre isn’t just a space to laugh, you can also learn about comedy too. The BIT offers courses on Improv, stand-up, comedy writing and comedy film classes. Check out the course catalog here.

Behind the Laughs

The “masters of shenanigans” behind the BIT are the members of Positively Funny Improv. The group has been performing around the Magic City for nearly a decade. Other local improv troupes, like Ugly Baby Improv, will also be taking the stage each week.

See the full schedule here.

Yes And, there’s more

To learn more about the theatre and their offerings – click here.

You can also follow the BIT on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with new shows and events.

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