These handmade bags are hotter than a fresh biscuit


Biscuit Leather Company makes leather bags, purses, totes, clutches by hand. This bag will last a lifetime and get better with age.

How are they made?

All products are hand cut, hand sewn with waxed linen threads, hand punched, hand rubbed with neats foot oil and hand waxed with a secret wax recipe. You can maintain the leather with a touch of olive oil, leather conditioner, and/or leather oil. The vegetable tanned leather is a natural leather, not dyed. It will darken with exposure to light, oils, conditioners and age. This is a good thing! The dyed leathers are Horween Chromexel.

Their colors will not change. If you get a scratch and it bothers you, give it a good little rub with some olive oil, it will improve. Because animal hides are not manufactured, but from real life, they will vary in color and have blemishes.

This bag is about simplicity: throw it in, pull it out, no fuss, no hassle, but you look classy and cool all the while. Soft buttery leather, artisan hand work. Better with age and each one unique! Soft and buttery like a fresh, hot biscuit!

Want to find out how you can get your own?

For more info on the Biscuit Leather Company click here.

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