Play Ball: 5 things to know about the new Bluff Park wiffle ball league

A new Bluff Park wiffle ball league is making Sundays in Hoover a lot more fun.

Hundreds of people are flocking to the Children’s Fresh Air Farm on Park Ave. to root for players in the new women’s wiffle ball league. The new league, compiled of more than 80 players organized into six teams, has quickly become a hit in the tight-knit Hoover community.

“It’s awesome,” said Sherrie Roberts. “Very family-friendly and a relaxing Sunday evening activity that is within walking distance for most, and again – a great opportunity to meet neighbors face to face.”

bluff park wiffle ball

Here are 5 things you should know about the new league.

1. Supply and demand

One of the amazing things about the Bluff Park women’s wiffle ball league is how quickly it came to life.

To be fair, the idea of the league can be partially credited Ross Bridge’s league. Sherrie Roberts introduced the idea of creating a league in Bluff Park on May 6 in a Facebook post. It received more than 200 comments, and preparation began.

Opening day for the league was less than two months later on June 23.

2. If you build it…

How did the league get its legs so quickly? In classic Bluff Park fashion, it was a community effort.

Many volunteers were needed. Folks like Kim Barber and Aimee Martin helped by volunteering to captain or co-captain a team. The league needed a scoreboard, so Tammy Headley made one.  The field needed benches, so Andy and Lindsay Wilbanks built some thanks to a voluntary donation from Sampson Dentistry. Money also needed to be raised for team t-shirts and to organize scorekeepers, so Kristin Hicks helped form a “sideline crew” to tackle the task.

bluff park wiffle ball

“When you have a community like Bluff Park that was organically grown rather than developed, it’s not surprising,” Roberts said. “There has always been a little magic here that I couldn’t put my finger on, but I think we found it! A super fun activity that brings neighbors together, family friendly, forges new friendships, offers some healthy exercise and we get to contribute to a worthwhile cause that’s been in Bluff Park for almost 100 years. A truly beautiful gift in all aspects.”

3. Pitch Please? Dunder Wifflin? LOL

We cannot get over the team names. You have:

  • The Wendy Peffercorns
  • Pitch Please
  • Dunder Wifflin
  • Diamond Divas
  • Wiffling Dixies
  • Salty Pitches

If you can find better names with more perfect puns for wiffle ball teams, let us know.

4. Take out me to the ballgame

bluff park wiffle ball

There are three 75-minute games each week. And if you’re coming to the Children’s Fresh Air Farm, bring a chair.

The league has drawn a pretty good crowd during the first few weeks. And food trucks have recently been added to the festivities.

“This little league has really brought Bluff Park’s charm to light,” Roberts said.

5. Wiffle ball today, kickball tomorrow?

They’re having fun on the field now, but is there more to come?

Roberts says it’s possible. There’s talk of a kickball league in the fall. We’ll keep you updated.

“We are going to soak up the fun of this season, but I do believe and certainly hope there will be many more,” Roberts said.


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