Boba Tea: What is it exactly and why does it taste so good?

What is Boba Tea? What makes Boba Tea so good? Magic City Weekend got answers to these questions and more when we stopped by ThirsTea on Highway 280!

Boba Tea, or bubble tea as some people refer to it, is becoming more and more popular across the United States. Boba Tea can be created with several things as a base (tea, fruit, coffee or milk) and chewy “pearls” at the bottom of the cup. The first time you drink it the sensation of sucking a pearl up through the large straw and chewing on it while sipping the tea can be a bit strange, but the mixture of flavors is always delicious.

What are the “pearls” in Boba Tea?

Boba Tea

The name “boba” actually comes from Taiwanese slang which means “pearls”, which is a reference to the chewy tapioca pearls that sit on the bottom of the drink. Tapioca is a starch taken from the cassava root and it’s naturally gluten-free. The raw tapioca pearls, which are often a variety of colors, are boiled until they become soft. When preparing boba tea, the cooked pearls are poured into the bottom of the cup and then topped with various drinks like milk-teas, fruit-teas, icy smoothies and other chilled drinks.

Drinks that put a smile on your face

At ThirsTea they go one step further to make sure that your Boba Tea puts a smile on your face by putting custom printed emoji tops on each drink. These tops are punctured with the specially designed straw that comes with each drink (It’s larger in diameter and tapered at the bottom to accommodate the tapioca pearls). That’s not all! ThirsTea also has a wide selection of board games throughout the building. Perfect for kids and families to sit down and enjoy their afternoon while drinking their Boba Tea.

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Boba Tea


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