Brät Brot closing UPDATE: The owner wants your feedback

This post was updated on 12/17/2018 with a statement from the owner.

Brat Brot

Brat Brot, a popular Birmingham Biergarten has temporarily closed for winter according to a post on their Instagram account.

The post from December 7 reads:
“Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our opening! We are currently CLOSED for a seasonal reassessment in preparation for the Spring. Check our website in the coming weeks for more information.”

You can see the original post below:

December 17 Update:

Brat Brot has posted an update on their Instagram account. The post reads:
“OPEN LETTER from the OWNER on our website” “Please click the link in our bio: we’d like to get your feedback!”

You can read the original post below:


Below is the open letter from Brat Brot’s website with a link for the feedback form:

Fellow Birminghamians,

It is with great sadness that we recently announced the suspension of business of Brät Brot, Birmingham’s only biergarten and our labor of love. I’d like to thank every one of you who joined us for a stein of lager, the World Cup, an afternoon in the garden, or one of our house-made sausages. We have been proud to have added something unique and beautiful to the hospitality scene in Birmingham. While we experienced a high level of early success and received an abundance of positive feedback, the reality is that we have a large facility that requires a minimum volume to operate sustainably throughout the year.

As with any new establishment we learned a great deal in our first few months about how people would respond to our concept and want to use our space. We are now aware of things that we nailed, mistakes that we made, and some things that we would have done differently before we opened. That said, we want to hear from each and every one of you to gain an even better understanding of all of those things. We hereby extend a sincere offer to hear your personal experiences, how you perceived the concept and space while we were open, and what you might like to see if we were to reopen in the spring. Below is a link to a simple Google Form that we’ll use to gather that feedback.

We love this city and the downtown community and want to continue to be part of a progressive vision that we can all be proud of.

David Carrigan,



About Brat Brot:

Brat Brot

Brat Brot, a German-style Biergarten, opened in the Magic City this past April and quickly became one of downtown Birmingham’s hotspots. Brat Brot’s German inspired atmosphere features a main round bar with authentic German flavors and a spacious outdoor area where you can dine and drink among raised garden beds. Brät Brot’s lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch are all just as German as one could hope!

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