Table Tennis, Pinball and so much more at BumperNets in the Galleria!

BumperNets in the Galleria is much more than just a great place for family fun, did you know it was also America's First Table Tennis Store? We talked to owner Homer Brown about how his passion for table tennis led to the creation of BumperNets.

America’s First Table Tennis Store

BumperNets in the Galleria is a great place to go if you’re in the mood for fun! Offering table tennis, pinball, arcade games, pool and so much more it’s virtually impossible not to have a great time! Homer Brown, CEO and Founder of BumperNets, first came up with the idea when he resigned as COO of Vulcan Oil Co. in late 1998. After successfully running a large oil company, Homer’s next goal was to make a living promoting and playing table tennis. So the idea for America’s first table tennis store was born. Combining his retail experience in the oil industry with his lifelong passion for table tennis, Brown created an interactive retail store where customers can rent game tables, get lessons from professionals, buy any equipment they need and most importantly just have a great place to play.

BumperNets in the Galleria has fun for everyone!

Bumpernets has grown over the years expanding beyond just table tennis. BumperNets in the Galleria not only has the main store which is where you can rent a pool table or ping pong table and play classic arcade games, but located right across from the main store is the BumperNets 4 Kids arcade, featuring games perfect for younger children, and finally right next to BumperNets 4 Kids is the BumperNets Arcade featuring a huge selection of modern arcade games. BumperNets is also an absolutely perfect venue for Birthday parties, social gatherings, or even for corporate team building! So the next time you’re trying to think of something fun to do, take the short drive to Hoover and visit America’s First Table Tennis Store with so much more, BumperNets!

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