Burger Burger Is … Huge Huge

A burger so nice you have to say it twice.

Have you ever encountered a burger so huge, so delicious, so downright amazing you have to say it twice?  Burger Burger Restaurant embodies that very concept, as this Biloxi, Miss. establishment produces tasty behemoths that are sure to impress even the most traveled of foodies.

Brought from New Orleans to Biloxi in 1947 by Abbie and Mildred Brunies, the sandwich is now being served up daily by owner Martha Ann Ebberman.  Sitting on a po-boy loaf direct from New Orleans are multiple hamburger patties, which are topped by a mustard blend, fresh onions, shredded cheese, and gravy.

It’s a fascinating combination for sure, and not something a person sees on a typical po-boy.  It’s not quite a hamburger, and it’s not really a po-boy either.

It’s all about the Burger Burger.

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