Business is booming for EastWest following COVID-19 closure and curfew

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Over the past few months, several Birmingham businesses were closed due to the coronavirus, and most recently, a city-wide curfew. The owner of EastWest in downtown Birmingham said he was happy to finally have people back in the restaurant after being closed for several weeks.

He said patrons were compliant with the safety guidelines. The dining room at EastWest reopened last Wednesday to a crowd of eager diners who had been waiting for months to get back in.

EastWest reopens

EastWest owner Colby Conklin said:

“It’s a slow process, which is what we kind of expected and what we wanted, and we are just happy again to take that first step,”

Employees and staff had been working around the clock to ensure guests were safe inside the dining room, placing hand sanitizing stations throughout the restaurant, bottles of sanitizer on tables, and spacing tables at least 6 feet apart.

Conklin said:

“For us, it wasn’t ever a point where we felt like the safety of the other guests was in jeopardy. We felt like there was enough space, and the business was just the right amount where it felt like we had a very safe environment, which is obviously what we set out to make happen.”

Conklin was concerned people wouldn’t want to dine out again because of social distancing and other guidelines, but loyal patrons showed up, and were able to eat with friends while staying safe.

Conklin explained.:

“[We had] to make sure that these systems that we have in place like the sanitizer on the table, and sanitizing the tables as guest leave, and wearing our masks, and throwing away the menus after people use them, but we also want to make sure that it is a fun experience for the guests, so it’s a thin line that we walk,”

Conklin said the reopening has been so successful, they actually sold out of some menu items by Saturday night. He said that’s a good problem to have, especially since they’re operating at half capacity.

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