Butler Snow Sensory Trail at Red Mountain Park

It's a sensory trail designed from the ground up for those with developmental differences to explore their curiosity for our natural world. Check out the Butler Snow Sensory Trail at Red Mountain Park!

Butler Snow Sensory Trail
(Source: Red Mountain Park)

Butler Snow Sensory Trail

The Butler Snow Sensory Trail is designed for children and adults with developmental differences who have a curiosity for the natural world. Also, the sensory trail was also designed for people who have low vision and/or low hearing.

The trail is .14 miles long and located near the entrance of Red Mountain Park along the BMRR South Trail.

You will begin your adventure at Red Mountain Park’s entrance: 2011 Frankfurt Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211.

Presently, the Butler Snow Sensory Trail includes the following 14 activities:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Fun house mirrors
  • Scent garden
  • Different surface textures
  • Tree faces
  • Tree ID station
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • A comfort wall
  • A pergola with swinging benches
  • A fairy house
  • Wind chimes
  • Music Wall
  • Birdhouses with a button you can press to hear native bird calls
  • An artifact display case
  • A climbing wall

Also, at the trail you will also find a comfort zone, a pergola with swinging benches and sensory bags that will be available for check out at the Park’s Welcome Station. The bags contain items such as ear plugs, sunglasses and fidget toys.

Generally, including travel time to and from the trail, it will take approximately 45 minutes-1 hour to complete the sensory trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the trail wheelchair accessible?

This trail is not ADA compliant. The NOMAD off-road wheelchair can easily access the trail and is available for reservation at no cost. Call (205) 913-7899 to make a reservation.

What will I encounter on the way to the trail?

There is a high possibility of passing dogs, bikes, and hikers/runners. Occasionally vehicles may enter the trail. Depending on the weather, the trail may have puddles or be muddy or dusty. From the Butler Snow Sensory Trail, you may be able to see people zip lining in the distance.

Is this trail appropriate for those who are blind?

The Butler Snow trail does have guide ropes, but the trails leading to/from the BS trail do not. The signage does not yet have Braille. In general, there are several auditory, texture, and scent activities on the trail.

Butler Snow Sensory Trail
(Source: Red Mountain Park)
Butler Snow Sensory Trail
(Source: Red Mountain Park)

Can children go in the Sensory Trail by themselves?

No, all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Thanks to those who made the trail possible

Most important, the sensory trail would not be possible without the support from many local businesses. The generous funding that mas made the Sensory Trail possible comes from the Butler Snow Foundation. Of course, there are many others who also offered their time and talent:

  • Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind
  • Alabama Pediatric Therapy Services
  • Autism Society of Alabama
  • Exceptional Foundation
  • Lakeshore Foundation
  • Mitchell’s Place
  • Red Barn
  • Red Mountain Park Junior Board
  • Samford University
  • Triumph Services
  • UAB Occupational Therapy
  • United Ability
  • Boy Scouts of America and the Eagle Scouts: Jonah Allen, Pierce Bolding, Mack Wooley, Harrison Lowrey, Beck Corely, Harrison Sims, Nicholas Muscolino, Michael Lorino and Kyler Krause

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