Call in the ‘Calvary’ to get your hands on a frontier classic

From the Kentucky Wilderness to The Battle of New Orleans, the Long rifle became an American Legend. Now in the woods outside Warrior, Alabama Jim Parker is creating Calvary Longrifles his own version of this Frontier Classic.

There are many sights and sounds which connect someone to their youth. For Warrior, Alabama’s Jim Parker, the smell of black powder and roar of a muzzle loader take him back.

Calvary’s Rifle History

He builds his own Kentucky long rifles. He teaches others to do the same. Parker’s work allows him to teach a little history about the famous rifles. That includes how they helped in the settlement of America. Jim also puts a little piece of his faith into each of his creations. That’s where Calvary Longrifles gets its name.

Calvary long rifle

Learn More

There a limited number of spots still available for his October class so if you’d like to sign up or talk with Jim about building a rifle for yourself, check out his website.

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