Camping and Hiking Tips from Mountain High Outfitters

Camping and hiking are perfect ways to spend time in the great outdoors! We caught up with Grace Evanko from Mountain High Outfitters and she showed us some of the best gear to take with you when go on any outdoor trek.

If you’re ready to spend some time reconnecting with nature then there’s no better way to do it than camping and hiking. Unless you’re a survivalist, when you get ready to take the plunge and reconnect with the great outdoors, you’re gonna need the proper supplies. Here are some of our picks for the best equipment to make your next trek into mother nature an adventure you won’t forget!

Essential Camping and Hiking Gear

camping and hiking


Every good camping trip starts with a good tent. The better you sleep the better you’ll feel during the day and a good quality tent is the first step in getting a good night’s rest, especially after a long day of hiking. When buying a tent the first thing you want to do is make sure you get the right size so that everyone that will be sleeping in the tent has plenty of room. Another key feature to look for is a good quality mesh netting for the widows and doors. This will keep bugs out of your sacred sleeping area. If you’re worried about rain, make sure you purchase a tent that has a rain fly that you can attach to keep any water out.

camping and hiking

Sleeping Bag

Your sleeping bag is your bed away from home so this isn’t an area where you want to cut corners. Make sure your sleeping bag is properly rated for the proper temperature range for where you’ll be camping and hiking. Also pay close attention to the type of material the sleeping bag is made out of, some materials are better at dealing with moisture and other even feature water-repellency and anti-microbial protection.

camping and hiking

Sleeping Pad

Adding a sleeping pad to your setup is going to greatly improve your night’s rest. Not only do they make sleeping on the ground a bit more comfortable, they also reflect heat back up at you keeping you warm through the night. When selecting a sleeping pad you want to make sure and look for one that inflates easily and can break down to a compact shape so that it easily fits into your backpack.

camping and hiking


When hiking it’s inevitable that you’re going to sweat, so make sure that whatever clothes you wear are both comfortable and quick drying. It’s also smart to bring a couple pairs of pants, one that’s a little closer to the skin for hiking during the day, the other more insulated to make sure and keep you warm at night. Also make sure to bring a warmer jacket with you in case the weather gets cold. Good rain gear is another item that should be on your list, it not only will keep you dry when it rains but it can also double as extra insulation on cold nights if you need it. Another key item that’s extremely underrated is a pair of socks that never leave the tent, that way no matter what you get into during the day you’ve got clean dry socks waiting for you in your tent at bed time.

camping and hiking

Other Supplies

Waterproof compression sacks are perfect for storing your clothes so that no matter what the weather has in store for you, your extra clothes stay dry. The same applies to your sleeping bag. Keeping it in a dry compression sack will prevent any water from getting on your bed away from home. A third dry sack should also be used to store your food. This bag should be hung high up in a tree to prevent mice, bears or any other forest critters from being able to get your food. Water is obviously important so a good water filtration system will also prove to be a valuable tool. These filtration systems can eliminate any bacteria, viruses or parasites that might be living in the water sources you come across.

Camping and Hiking

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