Chick-fil-A is changing the way you order fast food

Chick-fil-A Mobile Ordering

Fast food just got faster. Chick-fil-A said it’s making a change that will give you more time eating at your table and less time standing in line.

“Dine-in mobile ordering” is a new ordering option via the Chick-fil-A App that allows guests to order from a table in the restaurant.

Your meal is then served by employees the restaurant calls Team Members.

The mobile ordering started in October at participating Chick-fil-A restaurants nationwide.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Place a “dine-in” order via the mobile app;
  2. Find a table in the Chick-fil-A dining room or patio and tap your smartphone to a table number;
  3. a Team Member will bring your meal to your table using your table number!

And if you forget something in your order or want to add a dessert just jump back on the app and order.

“So many of our customers’ busy lives and commitments have them strapped for time. Dine-in mobile ordering is one way we can help them get a quick, yet high quality meal,” said Khalilah Cooper, Chick-fil-A Director, Service and Hospitality. “This technology will be particularly helpful for busy parents who can now head straight into the restaurant and have their meal brought to their table at their convenience, without waiting in line.”

Chick-fil-A mobile ordering

Prefer to stand in line? No problem. Chick-fil-A restaurants will continue to take orders at the front counter and drive-thru.

Chick-fil-A began testing this concept in 2018 at 80 restaurants in Tampa, Fl., Nashville, Tenn., Seattle, Wash., San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Calif. Since the test began, the company said it has received positive feedback from customers, particularly from those with large parties or families with children.

Use this link for more information about Chick-fil-A and dine-in mobile ordering.

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