Chocolatá offers a taste of the divine with an astrological twist!

The slogan for Chocolatá is “A Taste of the Divine,” and that definitely holds true.  The Magic City chocolatier is a refined and elegant store with an earth mother vibe.

What does that mean?

The overarching visual theme centers around astrology, which is something owner Kathy D’Agostina enjoys. The logo features what you might call, a goddess, and one of the top sellers is “Goddess Bark.” The idea was sparked by the popularity of peppermint bark. However, this is something you could enjoy year-round. It’s a strawberry, white chocolate with lavender, rose and pistachios.  How many sweet treats have you eaten that were made with lavender and rose? That’s just one of the many items made with beautiful and aromatic ingredients, like dried blueberries, candied lemon and rose petals, mixed into chocolate bars. Some even feature essential oils.

Another new age selection is the “Mystic Eyes.” You can get three eye-shaped bonbons with different fillings, and they come with an inspiring message or fortune.

Also, the candies are a product of single-origin chocolate that is ethically sourced from 100% Latin American farms. This is all listed on their packaged items, thus very important to the company.

One of the cool quotes from the website says, “The Mayans believed that cacao had the power to unlock hidden yearnings and reveal destinies.”  Now I’m yearning for more chocolate.

Who would like Chocolatá?

The better question is who wouldn’t like it? A box of candy from this local chocolatier would make a wonderful gift. Not only is the candy delicious, the packaging is gorgeous. It looks like you’ve spent a million bucks, instead of under $50. Or, make it a “Treat Yo’Self” day for these decadent sweets.

You can browse all the intricate designs and delicious chocolates at their store. It’s located in downtown Birmingham at 1927 2nd Avenue North. Check store hours before heading there.


Intricately-designed truffles

Chocolata in downtown Birmingham

Unicorn Bark

Pre-packaged items

Mystic Eyes


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