Delicious Ice Cream Sammies from Big Spoon Creamery

What's better than Ice Cream? How about Ice Cream sandwiched between two cookies! We went to Big Spoon Creamery in Avondale to talk about their delicious Ice Cream Sammies!

Big Spoon Creamery

Big Spoon Creamery

To really understand how the ice cream geniuses at Big Spoon Creamery come up with their amazing flavor combinations, you have to understand their history. Ryan and Geri-Martha, the owners of Big Spoon Creamery, both have extensive backgrounds as chefs. They both met while working at Bottega right here in Birmingham. The dream Ryan and Geri-Martha had when they started Big Spoon Creamery was to create an ice cream company that not only cared about making the best ice cream possible but cared even more about loving people and serving them well. In July 2014 that dream became a reality when they purchased a little old-school ice cream trike. The couple’s dream grew exponentially after that, quickly expanding to an ice cream truck, opening their first storefront in Avondale, and most recently opening a second location in Cullman at Mae’s Food Hall!

Ice Cream Sammies

Big Spoon Ice Cream Sammies0

Some of Big Spoon Creamery’s lucky ice cream flavors get paired with selected house-made cookies to create the perfect ice cream sandwich combo!  The Sammies are $5.00 each and the flavors occasionally rotate. Below is a look at the current flavors being offered at Big Spoon Creamery!

The Classic

The Classic

A fan favorite!

This sandwich features Big Spoon Creamery’s famous vanilla bean ice cream paired with two perfect chocolate chip cookies.



Coffee n’ Cookies

Coffee n CookiesIce cream with a kick!

Featuring ice cream made with Domestique Coffee from right here in Birmingham and Valrhona Dark Chocolate cookies.




Goat Cheese Fig

Goat Cheese Fig

A unique ice cream sammie!

This sammie has Goat Cheese Fig ice cream sandwiched between two chewy brown-sugar cookies.




Almond Peach Cardamom

Almond Peach CardamomThe perfect flavor combination!

Almond Peach Cardamom ice cream between two delicious Honey Graham cookies.




Rice Krispy Treat

Rice Krispie TreatThe new kid on the block!

Sweet cream ice cream with marshmallow fluff swirled in sandwiched between two Rice Krispie treats!




Click here to learn more about Big Spoon Creamery!


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