DIY Interior Design Trends for Fall

Your first attempt at DIY interior design may be intimidating, but we’re here to help ease the burden of anxiety.

Fall is here and colors are everywhere! What better place to add a little or a lot of extra color than in and around your home?

Cool Color Trends For Fall Interior Design

Pops of color are trendy and classic ways to improve the way your home looks and feels for all seasons of the year!

We put together these examples to make it easier for you to add personality and a unique layout with your next DIY interior design project.

From deep and classic colors such as maroon and black to vivid and plush color like teal and navy, you’ll love what you can do to your home simply by introducing some color here and there.

1. Really Teal

DIY home color trends

2. Deep Maroon

DIY home color trends

3. Cheerful Yellow

DIY home color trends

4. In The Navy

DIY home color trends


Let’s not forget the “wow” factor of adding a gorgeous yellow, citrine, or emerald to add flare to even the most neutral color palettes. Dive right in and make your DIY interior design project one that will be memorable and admired by friends and family.

Keep the trend going by adding similar colors to your living room, dining room, or any space in your home. Throw in a few neutral colors such as cream, taupe, or even gray if you choose!

Any home, including yours, has the potential to be transformed completely by using subtle splashes of color like the ones you see here.

Need Help With Your DIY Interior Design Project?

DIY interior design


Meet Johnetta, of Neat Dreams Design in Birmingham, she loves recreating and turning old into new.

Painting and restoring furniture along with bringing anything back to life is her personal wonderland.

If DIY is overwhelming or you just don’t have the time, let Neat Dreams Design help bring your vision to life.

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