The “Cortado” from Domestique Coffee

We talk to the guys at Domestique coffee about what sets their coffee apart. Plus, they show us how to make a mouth watering Cortado!

Saturn Birmingham

Satellite Bar

The Satellite hosts a spacious neighborhood bar with an extremely knowledgeable staff. Our bar serves drinks to visitors looking to enjoy local pale ales and stouts as well as creative spins on classic cocktails. The Satellite bar includes a large number of taps featuring Alabama craft beers as well as ales from other emerging breweries throughout the US. The bartenders also understand how to pair ingredients in order to make the perfect drink. From house-made sodas on draft to bottled cocktails and frozen delights, the Satellite offers visitors unique new surprises with each visit. The Saturn venue also contains a large, separate full-service bar open during shows and events.


Satellite opens at 7am (Tues-Fri) and 8am (Sat-Sun) to serve the community with freshly brewed coffee and warm local pastries. For visitors wanting to relax with friends, read a book, or finish work, the Satellite has a warm environment with natural lighting, spacious seating, USB chargers built into the bar, and free open-network WiFi.

Domestique Coffee logo

Domestique Coffee beansA few years ago three friends set out across Haiti by bicycle and found a country that was welcoming and full of life. Today two of those friends run Domestique Coffee. Ayati, as it was called by the local people, means Land of Mountains. The rich soil and high altitude create a beautiful environment for growing coffee. And just like the Haitian people, the coffee has something magical about it that can’t be described by words. Passion is grown into this coffee. Revolution. Freedom. Domestique is dedicated to a fair wage supply line from production to distribution. We urge you, the consumer, to take an active role in knowing where your coffee comes from. Haiti was once known as the Jewel of the Caribbean and we believe it will hold that place in the World’s heart again.


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