Fancy’s on 5th to close, possibly permanently, due to pandemic

Fancy's on 5th

Fancy’s on 5th, the Oyster Dive + Burger Bar located in the heart of Avondale, across from Avondale Park has announced on Instagram that they will be closing their doors after New Year’s Eve.

Fancy’s on 5th closing

Fancy’s on 5th posted the heartfelt message on their Instagram account saying that the closure may or may not be permanent, but that they would be closed for approximately three to four months. They go on to thank their amazing kitchen and wait staff but stress that even though they did everything they could to remain open, Covid-19 took too large of a toll on the restaurant.

Fancy’s on 5th’s statement reads as follows:

It is with very heavy hearts that we announce Ne Year’s Eve will be the last day of service for Fancy’s on 5th. While this may or may not be permanent, we will be closed for approximately three to four months. We have an amazing kitchen and a wonderful wait staff but unfortunately COVID took its toll. We did everything in our power to keep the doors open, but the pandemic got the best of us. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each one of you who have supported us during this difficult time. These are the day we will be open for the remainder of the year: December 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 26, 30, 31. To make a reservation, visit or email Please support local and remember that MELT Avondale will remain open.

With gratitude, Harriet and Paget.

The original Instagram post is embedded below:


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About Fancy’s on 5th:

Fancy's on 5th

Fancy’s opened in 2016 with the desire to be everything you love about your favorite neighborhood dive, but taken to a new level. They often joke that there is nothing fancy about this place except the name. Fancy’s on 5th is named in honor of Miss Fancy the elephant, the main attraction & mascot of the 1920s Avondale Zoo, their mascot is Octavius the Octopus, who happily watches over Fancy’s & her guests. You can find him in two locations, perched in neon purple over the bar and looming above the mafia booth dressed in Iron and Edison lights. Fancy’s is designed to be the kind of restaurant that has something for everyone.


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A post shared by Fancy’s On Fifth (@fancysonfifth)

CLICK HERE to see the menu.

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