Food Truckin’ – Bendy’s Cookies & Cream

In this episode of Food Truckin', Josh Byers catches up with Ben and Wendy from Bendy's Cookies & Cream to find out the secret to what makes their handmade ice cream sandwiches so delicious!

What could be better than combining cookies and ice cream? How about a food truck that lets you design your own custom ice cream sandwich from homemade ice cream and cookies! That’s the concept behind Bendy’s Cookies and Cream. Offering a constantly rotating list of ice cream and cookie flavors, Bendy’s gives you the chance to create an endless amount of delicious treats. Do you like the classic combo of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies? Maybe a scoop of strawberry buttermilk ice cream with Oatmeal Cookies is more your style? What about an ice cream sandwich made with vanilla ice cream, snickerdoodle cookies and finished by being rolled in sprinkles? The combinations are endless!

In this edition of Food Truckin’ Josh Byers gets the inside scoop on how Bendy’s started and what makes their ice cream sandwiches so irresistible!


Click here to find out more about Bendy’s Cookies & Cream and to see when they might be near you!

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