Food Truckin’ – mouthwatering tamales from The Tamale Queen!

In this episode of Food Truckin' we caught up with some food truck royalty, the Tamale Queen! Check out her awesome story and how she's taking tamales to the next level!

In this edition of Food Truckin’ Josh Byers got an official summons to visit some local food truck royalty, The Tamale Queen! She learned to make tamales several years ago while doing mission work in California which led to several trips in and out of Mexico. It’s there that she learned how make tamales, tortillas, salsas, barbacoa, basically any Mexican dish you can think of!

Tamale Queen

Tamale Queen Signature Items

Featuring a menu full of Mexican favorites ranging from her famous homemade tamales to specialty tacos and even a fan favorite ‘Fat Azz Burrito’, there something to satisfy virtually any craving! When you see the Tamale Queen’s food truck, you should drop everything and grab a bite!


A traditional Mexican style tamale wrapped in a corn husk. Beautiful in it’s simplicity and oh so delicious.

A-Maz-ing Tamales

tamale queen

Two tamales opened up and covered with four cheeses, Chipotle salsa, lettuce, all layered in a black bean lime salad and topped with pico de gallo.

Tamale Bake

tamale queen

Layers of tameles, cheese, sauce, and chicken built like a tamale lasagna, topped with cheese and then baked in the oven. Finished off with some pico de gallo. There’s a reason it won A Taste of Birmingham’s ‘People’s Choice Award’.

Loaded Nachos

tamale queen

An extremely popular item when The Tamale Queen visit’s bars and local breweries. The Loaded Nachos consist of a bed of chips, rice, your choice of meat, four cheeses, lettuce, pico de gallo and jalapeños.

Find The Tamale Queen’s schedule on Facebook or Instagram.

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