Goat Yoga Bham is exactly what it sounds like, yoga with baby goats!

What's better than yoga? How about yoga with baby goats! We talked to Amy Pruett and Michelle Davenport of Goat Yoga Bham about the benefits of animal therapy!

Life and work are stressful enough.  Why not unwind, enjoy nature, and laugh a lot.  That’s what Goat Yoga Bham promises and delivers.  Imagine an emotional therapy dog in a hospital, visiting patients, and delivering smiles.

goat yoga

The Nigerian Dwarf pygmy goats are basically that; small and adorable animals that are so curious about you, they’ll make you smile.


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Why goats?

goat yoga

They’re naturally calm and enjoy hanging out with people.  So, they roam around a hay-filled pen while an instructor leads you through a yoga session.  Instructors say it’s about breathing, stretching, and enjoying nature.  It’s easy to do in the country location, tucked into a Helena plot of land.

goat yoga

Goat Yoga Bham sits on five acres of the owner’s property, that’s full of farm animals.  However, the yoga spot is at the base of a hill, with a stream of running water, and the peacefulness you can’t get in a downtown location.

goat yoga

This isn’t an intense yogi master-style session.  So, it’s the perfect intro into the world of yoga, or for any fitness level.  Yes, it’s technically exercise… but you’re more likely to have sore cheeks from smiling or aching abs from all the laughter.  There’s always a lot of chuckles in these sessions when the goats start jumping on people’s backs.  Goats naturally enjoy jumping on flat surfaces, and the owners even entice the animals with treats on people’s yoga mats.

Goat Yoga Bham

goat yoga

You can enjoy a goat yoga session for $20.  Book ahead of time, because class sizes are kept to just 20 people to make sure everyone has enough room in the pen.  If you don’t have a yoga mat or don’t want to risk the chance of “Butterscotch” nibbling on your personal mat, you can rent one for $3.

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