What are green plums and why are they a Southern staple?

Colby Jones from Durbin Farms market tells us about green plums and what makes them a Southern staple.

Green Plums are not something you see every day, in fact, I had never seen them until I moved to Alabama. These little green guys are extremely popular across the South because of their unique flavor.

So what are Green Plums?

green plums

Green plums are the same as regular plums, they’re just picked before they’re ripe. Just like green tomatoes and green apples, green plums have a different flavor to that of the normal sweet taste you expect from a plum. Picking the plums early causes them to have a very sour and bitter flavor. This is due to the plums being taken out of the soil before they can get all the nutrients they need to fully ripen and become the sweet purple fruit we all know and love.

What if I don’t like sour things?

green plums

One trick to combat the intense flavor that’s super popular is to sprinkle a little bit of salt onto the plum before taking a bite. The salt takes a little bit of the edge off and adds it’s own spin to an already unique flavor.

You gotta try them!

green plums

If you’ve never tried a green plum you seriously don’t know what you’re missing! The flavor is absolutely intense but it’s something that everyone should try at least once. If you’re interested you better hurry, these little green guys are only really available from April through maybe July.

About Durbin Farms Market

Durbin Farms Market

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