Holiday themed cocktail bar returns to Birmingham

Miracle on 24th Street

Ready for mistletoe and holly? How about Christmas cocktails? Then we’ve got what you’re looking for. A holiday themed pop-up bar is returning to downtown Birmingham.

Owners of “Queens Park” will be transforming their high-end cocktail bar into a Christmas bonanza starting November 25.

Miracle on 24th Street

“This year we will be opening on the 25 which is a little earlier, which I think is exciting because I want more Christmas all the time,” says Laura Newman with a smile. She and her fiancé own the bar.

Miracle on 24th Street will be open every day from November 25 to December 30.

There will be more than a dozen holiday drinks and shots to choose from, served in specialty Christmas glassware, and of course over the top decorations.

“Christmas music, Christmas lights, someone once told me it looked like Santa threw up everywhere,” says Newman.

Neon Moon

This is the second year for the holiday pop-up. Queens Park opened exactly a year ago, and it’s been such a hit, the couple is planning a new venture, called Neon Moon. It’s set to open early next year, just around the corner on 2nd Avenue.

“It’s important for us to create more night light destinations for the loft district not only to get people to want to come to this neighborhood that we absolutely love but also to create more opportunities for people who live here to go out and experience different elements of night life,” says Newman.

neon moon
(Source: Neon Moon Facebook)

She says Neon Moon won’t be anything like Queens Park, however.

“Neon moon is going to be totally different, it’s going to be a little more fast paced, a little more casual. A shorter cocktail menu, but it’s all going to be really fun and playful takes on some of our favorite drinks from the 80s and 90s, including a frozen Miami vice, a mudslide, an amaretto sour,” says Newman.

There will also be food. Including a platter of French fries with half a dozen different dipping sauces, and fried Oreos.

Newman and her partner, in business and in life, Larry “Mudd” Townley, are industry experts and take their cocktails seriously.

“We’re both workaholics, I have a harder time turning it off, he helps me do that!” she says, as she practices making a new drink to get his opinion.

In fact, they met at a industry conference. They have traveled the country learning the latest techniques, and incorporate it into their business.

Each menu item is carefully curated, and can include anything from house made eucalyptus syrup to specialty non alcoholic options like “seedlip”

Newman herself is ranked one of the best bartenders in the world. She worked for 10 years in New York before moving to Alabama to be with Mudd.

Just last year she won the U.S. version of what is basically the Olympics of bartending, the United States Bartender Guild World Class competition. She was the first woman to do so.

She is also among the only female bar owners in Birmingham.

“I think being a woman in a male denominated industry or vice versa, being a man in a female dominated industry, can be challenging to not see versions of success that look like yourself. So, it’s very meaningful for me to be able to provide that for other women that are interested in going into ownership in the industry,” says Newman.

That’s why when she’s not behind the bar with a cocktail shaker, she’s traveling the country giving speeches and helping other bar owners with their businesses.

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