Hotworx takes Hot Yoga to the next level!

Hot Yoga is all the rage right now so we went to Hotworx to find out what's so special about hot yoga and how Hotworx takes it to the next level!

Hot Yoga and so much more!

Hot Yoga is more than just regular yoga in a hot room, especially at Hotworx! The fitness geniuses at Hotworx use infrared heat to take not only yoga but cycling, rowing and several other convenient exercise programs to the next level. It’s the fitness dream, even if you love working out: major impact for minimal effort.  That basically what Hotworx promises.  The 24/7 infrared fitness studio will deliver a sweat sesh, but besides pouring out perspiration, there’s tons of benefits to the fusion of infrared heat and isometrics.

Hot Yoga

So, what should you expect?

For starters, a small and hot workout area.  That may not sound enticing, but there’s a method to the madness.  Each workout area is a three-square foot sauna.  It’s just big enough to fit three people.  Keeping tight quarters gets you right up against the infrared heaters.  Those heaters fire up your core body temperature.  Not only does that speed up a warm up session, it will keep you burning calories long after your workout ends.  When you’ve finished your 30-minute video-guided exercise, your body will work to cool that core temperature.  That natural body function burns calories.  It’s known as the “after burn.”

You might be thinking… ‘Alabama is hot enough, why should I pay to sweat?’  Well, it’s a different kind of heat.  The Hotworx saunas are about 125 degrees, but it doesn’t feel like it.  Sure, it’s hot.  However, it’s not Birmingham humidity.  The air is dryer, so it’s not stifling.  You feel like you can actually breathe.

Okay… so what are you doing in the heat?  There are two types of classes at Hotworx.  There’s isometrics and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  The 15-to-45-minute classes are taught by a virtual instructor.  The videos loop.  Some of the classes include Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Core, Hot Buns, Hot Row and Hot Cycling.

What are the benefits of Hotworx?

There are so many different types of boutique fitness crazes and specialty classes.  So, if you’re asking why you might choose Hotworx, let’s look at the benefit.  For good measure, we’ll start with fitness since we’re talking about a workout genre.  We’ve learned about the massive calorie burn and the phenomenon known as “after burn,” but on average, a workout and the after burn could torch about 800 calories.  There’s also joint and muscle pain relief.  Warming up the body means there’s less of a risk for pulling a muscle.  Plus, the body just moves better when it’s warm.  That leads to increased flexibility, especially when mixed with yoga.  Medical experts say recovery time is improved as well.  While interviewing owners, I learned Hotworx even benefits post-op patients.  Anyone training for a marathon can reap benefits as well.  Don’t even get us started on weight loss.  Check out their blog article 


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There are beauty benefits as well.  The Hotworx workout regimen boasts a decreased appearance of cellulite and increased skin tightness.  I’ve never met a woman who wouldn’t love those things.

Wellness benefits also pack a wallop.  Toxin removal tops that list.  When you’re pouring sweat, you’re getting out all the gunk.  According to Hotworx, their exercise system also increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and regulates the stress hormone, Cortisol.  Here’s the latest doctor recommendations:

Right now, the two locations in Alabama are in Midtown Birmingham and Vestavia Hills.

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