How to cut an apple: Fruit Hacks from Durbin Farms Market

Colby Jones from Durbin Farms Market is back with another fruit hack! This time he's showing us an easier way to cut an apple! Check it out!

Apples are one of the tastiest fruits you can eat but if you’re looking to make a snack for the kids or share with friends you can’t just chomp into it and pass it around! You’ve got to cut it! If you struggle with the best way slice an apple to get the most of the fruit in each bite then check out this fruit hack from Durbin Farms on how to cut an apple!

How to cut an apple

how to cut an apple

The first step is to rethink how you look at the apple. Instead of treating it like a sphere, think of it as a square. Cut four big slices off of the apple rotating after every cut making a square shape around the core.

how to cut an apple

Discard the core and now move on to slicing the four large pieces. Lay each piece down and slice them as thick or as thin as you’d like!

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