How to pick the perfect Avocado with Durbin Farms Market

Colby Jones from Durbin Farms Market is here with some super simple tips that will take some of the mystery out of picking an Avocado!

Figuring out how to pick the perfect avocado is something we’ve all struggled with at one point or another. Should the avocado be dark colored or still have a little green in it? Should it be firm or soft? It all really comes down to timing.

How to pick avocado

If you’re planning to eat the avocado the same day as you’re buying it, for example making guacamole for a party, then you’ll want the avocado to be ripe and ready to eat immediately. In which case you should find one that is darker in color, almost black. Next you’ll want to check the tips of the avocado. Hold the avocado in your hand and lightly press your thumbs down on the tips, if they’re a little soft then it’s perfect, if they are a bit too soft and are squishy it’s probably over ripe.

How to pick avocado

If you’re buying an avocado that you’re not planning to eat for a couple of days, maybe as part of a meal prep recipe, then you’ll want to find one that still has some of the greenish color present in it’s skin. You’ll also want to check the top again, this time making sure that the tips are a bit firm.

How to pick Avocado

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If you are traveling I-65 North Bound, exit at #205 and turn left, go across interstate and they are on the right.  If you are traveling I-65 South Bound, exit at #205 and turn right, they will be on the immediate right!

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