Why we love Ignite Cycle, Birmingham’s only boutique cycling studio

ignite cycle

If you’re looking for a fun, empowering, and unique workout, look no further than Ignite Cycle. 🚴‍♀️

Ignite Cycle, founded by Tiffany Martin, recently moved to their forever home in Pepper Place! When you meet Tiffany you’ll quickly see that she is passionate, driven, and free spirited. She also leads one heckuva cycle class.

What is Ignite Cycle?

Ignite Cycle aims to help people become their best selves one pedal at a time and we are here for it!

A typical class at Ignite Cycle is 45 minutes of riding to the beat of an expertly curated playlist while doing safe, functional choreography on your bike. Trust us, the playlists are always ON FIRE! 🔥 You’ll hear some of the best remixes you’ve probably never heard and it’s amazing. The class also incorporates lightweight dumbbells to whip your arms into shape, giving you a full body workout beyond the typical gym.

You can check out the playlists here. You’re welcome!

When you enter Ignite Cycle you’ll be blown away by the incredibly gorgeous interior, open windows, and chic décor. It is a well-designed modern space and quite inviting. The front desk girls always greet you with a happy smile and will help you get checked in, providing you with proper cycling shoes for the class. But the real kicker is the bike room! Y’all the bike room is a true escape from reality. It’s a whole ‘nother experience. The room is dark and has a mood-enhancing light display that changes colors throughout the entire class. The floor-to-ceiling mirrors are a fun bonus so you can watch yourself whip your hair back and forth like you’re Beyoncé’. Don’t worry guys, this doesn’t exclude y’all from showing your fierceness.

But, I’ve never cycled before…

If you’ve never been to a cycling class do not be intimidated! I repeat – do not be intimidated to try a class! The instructor will help you adjust your bike to make sure you have a comfortable fit and they will help you clip your fancy cycling shoes into the pedals. You’ll be guided throughout the entire 45-minute class so there’s literally no guesswork or feeling uncomfortable next to experienced riders. When the ride is over, you’ll exit with high-fives and be provided a cool Eucalyptus towel for an exhilarating post-workout recovery.

To book your class, check out Ignite’s website on Mondays at 12 p.m. and find a time that works for you. They have beautiful bathrooms complete with three showers in both the men’s and women’s area, plus all the amenities you need so you can run to work or grab drinks after.


The cost to ride once is $22, but you can also purchase ride packs, month-to-month rides, or if you’re ready to dive in you can purchase a year of unlimited rides. A 5-ride pack is $95 ($19/ride), 10 rides are $180 ($18/ride), or 20 rides are $340 ($17/ride).

For those interested in month-to-month you can purchase unlimited rides for $240 or get 12 rides per month for $180 ($15/ride).

The Sparks Club is one year of unlimited rides that includes 2 guest rides per month, a pair of cycling shoes, 20% off apparel, and early access to book your bike. The cost is $2,000 per year.

We highly recommend Ignite Cycle! You’re guaranteed to leave feeling empowered and strong – not just physically but mentally.

To learn more about Ignite Cycle click here.

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