It doesn’t get much CHEDDAR than these Pretzel Crisps

Pretzel Crisps Cheddar Cheese

Snack Factory is debuting their newest flavor of their signature snack Pretzel Crisps and it doesn’t get much CHEDDAR than this!

Pretzel Crisps Cheddar Cheese

Pretzel Crisps Cheddar Cheese are baked with real cheddar cheese resulting in that classic cheesy flavor with delicious crunch. If you like cheese and pretzels (and who doesn’t?) then you will love these.

We got our hands on a bag straight from the folks with LaFORCE in New York City. We loved the goodie box with Pretzel Crisps branded items.

Pretzel Crisps Cheddar Cheese

After one bite, you’ll see just how addictive these little guys are. And, you don’t have to feel guilty eating this snack. One serving, or about 10 crisps, is only 100 calories.

Best Way to Eat Them

You can pair it with your favorite hummus, cheese, or dips – but we like them straight out of the bag. These would be a great addition to your football parties at the house or special gathering. Pretzel Crisps would also pair well on a charcuterie board or on an appetizer tray.

Pretzel Crisps Cheddar Cheese

Where to Buy

Pretzel Crisps Cheddar Cheese are now available in 7.2oz bags at retailers nationwide. You can grab a bag for only $3.29.

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