‘Keep Hoover Green’: New anti-litter campaign features fun signs

Hoover has found a fun way to address a serious topic – litter.

Hoover anti-littering campaign

City Councilman Casey Middlebrooks has teamed up with two local artists to create unique signs to remind you to not litter and to preserve Hoover’s beauty.

“We have a beautiful place to live. Let’s keep it that way,” Middlebrooks said.

There are two signs for the Clean Hoover Initiative. A green sign featuring a honey bear that reads “Keep Hoover Green” will be placed in 20 locations throughout the city, and “Conserve & Preserve” signs are located around Moss Rock Preserve.

“I’m hoping this artwork will initiate some of that conversation,” Middlebrooks said. “Maybe a child in the backseat will say, ‘Hey, mommy, hey, daddy, look at that honey bear right there. What’s that mean?’ So it could prompt those conversations to preserve our gorgeous landscape.”

The City of Hoover partnered with the Hoover Arts Council and Hoover Beautification Board to identify some local artists to design the signs. Jayne Morgan, a Bluff Park artist known for her honey bear designs, made the “Keep Hoover Green” sign. Sandra Fuller, who lives near Moss Rock Preserve, created the “Conserve and Preserve” sign.

“They both did an amazing job,” Middlebrooks said.

Hoover's new anti-littering campaign

The new anti-litter initiative follows the ideology of the Auntie Litter campaign from the Birmingham-based nonprofit in the 1990s. Middlebrooks said Auntie Litter helped him overcome the ignorance of littering while growing up in a small town where throwing trash out of the window was commonplace.

“It had a really big impact on me and it helped change my habits,” he said.

The first five “Keep Hoover Green” signs are located in Bluff Park near Tip Top Grill. The remaining 15 signs will be located in other high-traffic areas, including Greystone, Lorna Road, South Shades Crest Road and Ross Bridge. Middlebrooks says they will gather feedback from the public once the 20 signs are up and create more if there is a positive response.

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