KFC rolls out new mac and cheese bowls as fast food battle heats up

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Chicken sandwich wars have taken over social media, but it may not be the last debate you’ll run across. Soon, we may be fighting over who has the best mac and cheese.

KFC recently announced it would be adding Mac and Cheese Bowls to its menu. The bowls are a twist on KFC’s existing bowl lineup, swapping a mashed potato base for mac and cheese. The dish is topped with 100 percent white-meat Popcorn nuggets and a crispy three-cheese blend. Ooh yum!

Source: KFC

“Mac and Cheese has a cult-like following, and bowl food is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon,” Andrea Zahumensky, KFC’s US chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “So, it made perfect sense to call up a favorite side dish to the big leagues, in a way that only we could, with Mac and Cheese Bowls.”

Fast food menus are seeing a mac-and-cheese boom. Chick-fil-A recently added mac-and-cheese to its permanent menu, its first new side since 2017.

chick-fil-a mac & cheese
Photo courtesy: PRNewsfoto/Chick-fil-A Inc.


Source: KFC

Taking a look at both mac-and-cheese dishes, which one appeals to you? If you’re counting calories, the mac and cheese from Chick-fil-A is about 260 calories. KFC’s dish is about 170 calories according to its nutrition guide.

Chick-fil-A’s decision to make mac-and-cheese a part of its permanent menu sparked some conversation with Boston Market implying it was a knockoff of their menu item. Check the tweet below:

Whatever fast food restaurant you decide for your chicken sandwich or mac-and-cheese, one thing we do know is lines have been long across the country trying to figure out who has the best.