4 items that are perfect for keeping your kids busy this summer!

We've got some items that are sure to keep your kids busy this summer!

You’ve probably heard “I’m bored” about a billion times this summer. Magic City Weekend has some perfect items to keep your kids busy this summer!


kids busy

You can experience the world without an expensive vacation with eat2explore. Each explorer box is themed for a different country. Inside each box, there’s items to cook the dishes from the area, along with details to learn the culture. These fun “explorer boxes” are from a dozen different countries including Greece, Mexico, Japan, Italy and a range of other countries, including the U.S. There’s an activity sheet, words from their language, and a shopping list for you to buy the fresh meat and vegetables. Non-perishable herbs and sauces are packaged inside as well. There’s also a country sticker, flag pin and a fun collectible. There’s a passport, so you can keep track of all the dishes your family has made. You can buy one box, or get a monthly susbscription. This would make a great gift, or something to do with your family year-round.  Available at www.eat2explore.com and Amazon.


kids busy

Traditional mosquito repellant is filled with chemicals and strong scents. Plus, the spray is annoying for adults and kids. So the PARA’KITO folks have come up with some solutions. Not only are the ingredients solely made with all-natural essential oils but they’ve packaged the protection differently. You don’t have to cover yourself with chemical when you have a fashionable bracelet, functional band, roll on gel, or clothes clip using natural oils. It has a light scent of citrus and citronelle.
One of the new designs is a mermaid print bracelet. Check it out at https://us.parakito.com/


kids busy

Bugbites can sometimes lead to boo boos, and scratches. Summertime is prime time for outdoor injuries. However, your family will be prepared with their own first aid kits, all-natural antibiotic/wound care, pain relief cream, cold packs, band aids, gauze and more thanks to me4kidz. Parents will feel good about the products too because they are all non-toxic, BPA-free, recyclable, earth-friendly, lead-free and latex-free. The kits have more than 50 items included in ready-to-go packs. Available nationwide at Target, Walgreens, Buy Buy Baby, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon and more. www.me4kidz.com

Little Snowie

kids busy

Skip the ice cream store and make shaved ice at home (that’s actually good and fluffy). Little Snowie 2 from Snowie is an ice shaver that uses ice cubes straight from your freezer, and it is modeled after commercial shavers. It’s fast; it can fill an 8 oz cup in five seconds or less, and it’s lightweight. At less than 8 pounds, you can carry it outside to the back porch or beach. Each order comes with three pints of flavors of your choice. https://snowie.com/product/little-snowie/

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