King Cake from Hero Doughnuts! A taste of Mardi Gras in the Magic City!

We caught up with Wil Drake from Hero Doughnuts and he gave us an inside look at their King Cakes just in time for Mardi Gras!

You can get a taste of Mardi Gras right here in the Magic City by grabbing a delicious King Cake from Hero Doughnuts! Hero first tried their recipe for King Cakes a few years ago and the response was incredible! People couldn’t get enough of them! So the folks at Hero have decided not only to bring them back but to make it an annual tradition.

History of the King Cake

King Cake

The King Cake tradition was brought to New Orleans from France around the year 1870. King Cakes are traditionally oval-shaped and are a cross between a coffee cake and a French pasty. They are decorated in royal colors of purple, green and yellow to resemble a jeweled crown honoring the wise men who came to visit the Christ Child on Epiphany. Many things were hidden in each King Cake in the past (such as coins, pecans and peas) but the more modern tradition is to hide a tiny plastic baby inside. At a Mardi Gras party, the King Cake is cut and served to each person, whoever ends up with the baby in their piece is named King for a day and bound by custom to host the next party.

Hero Doughnuts‘ take on the King Cake

King CakeHero Doughnuts first made their King Cakes in an attempt to do something useful with all of their excess dough. The brioche dough that Hero uses for both their Doughnuts and the buns of their sandwiches and burgers is PERFECT for making King Cakes. Hero’s custom brioche dough recipe doesn’t use any dough softeners, just ‘good fat’ like lots of butter and eggs. After forming and proofing the dough, it’s glazed just like one of their doughnuts. Then, for a special little twist, the King Cake is injected with ‘milk jam’, which is similar to a dulce de leche caramel. After that it’s topped with cream cheese glaze, covered with colored doughnut sprinkles, and finally the little plastic baby is placed on top so that you can hide it in the cake later when you’re ready to serve!

King Cake

These look great! How can I get one?

These King Cakes are a hot commodity! Hero Doughnuts are making around 40 – 50 of these bad boys a day, and while there might be an extra or two in the case every now and then, it’s best to place an order for one. If you want to make sure you can get one for your next Mardi Gras get together you’ll need to give the folks at Hero Doughnuts at least 48 hours to make one for you. Give them a call or email them at the info below and they’ll get started on your very own slice of Mardi Gras!

king cake

Call or email Hero Doughnuts to order your King Cake!


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