LJCC debuts new outdoor fitness area as safe way to keep healthy

LJCC Outdoor Fitness Area

The Levite Jewish Community Center is debuting an outdoor fitness area for members who may not feel comfortable working out inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, the LJCC has looked for innovative and safe ways to keep our members healthy both physically and mentally. The result: the new LJCC Outdoor Fitness Area!

One of the ways LJCC has addressed the growing concern of working out indoors is creating an outdoor space. Members will be able to work out in a socially-distant, safe outdoor environment. Featuring free weights, punching bags, battle ropes, climbing area and a monster-sized tire, this outdoor space allows for a functional and different type of workout than the LJCC’s indoor fitness area.

No Enrollment Fees in January

Those who join in January can expect no enrollment fees, as well as a discount on their first two months of membership.

LJCC Outdoor Fitness Area

More About the LJCC

The Levite Jewish Community Center was established in 1906 and prides itself on being a welcoming facility to people of all faiths, ages, genders, sexuality, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The LJCC is a family-oriented recreational and educational facility that is open to the entire community. As a recipient of United Way dollars, we impact more than 140,000 residents of the Birmingham community annually.

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