Louisville is a baseball lover’s paradise

Louisville, Kentucky, is known as Falls City, Derby City, the Gateway to the South. No matter what you call it, we love Louisville.

The city of Louisville is one of the oldest cities in the south and it is deeply rooted in traditions. Residents celebrate their home with bourbon, horse racing, and—oh yea—baseball.

Anyone who has seen a baseball bat in the last hundred years knows the Louisville Slugger. And we decided to find out why.

The Louisville Slugger is one of Louisville’s oldest and strongest traditions. The first bat was created in the 1850s by a young carpenter mere blocks away from the museum. What started as a hobby in a garage has grown into the most prolific bat company of all time. You can learn the whole story here at the slugger’s museum and factory.

First, a template is loaded into a machine. As that billet is spinning at 3,000 RPMs, a series of five blades will follow this template across that billet. One pass, thirty seconds, and you have a baseball bat.

The next stop is the burn machine. This is the traditional way they brand the Ash bats. You’ve got a metal template on that machine that heats up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. And then someone rolls the bats over them and literally burn them and brand them.

If you want a quieter look at the Louisville Slugger’s contribution to baseball, you can browse through some of the most important bats in history.

After an afternoon in the Slugger Museum, you should probably see the real thing in action. Well, walk a mere ten blocks down Main Street you’ll find Slugger field, home of Louisville’s Triple-A baseball team, appropriately named The Bats.

There’s something magical about walking through any baseball stadium, watching the pregame rituals take place. Slugger Field does not disappoint.

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And when you combine the field with the Louisville Slugger Museum and bat factory. It’s the ultimate paradise for fans to get away for a weekend of baseball.