Oreo Introduces New Valentine’s Day Cookies with Cute Messages

love oreo
(Source: Target.com)

Nabisco just introduced a new limited-edition Love Oreo cookie in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

The beloved cookie company describes the center as a sweet and tangy pink flavor crème. Hmmm…that sounds interesting.

The cookies have clever and cute messages printed on them that say things like, “Dear Cupid, Send Oreo”, “XOXO Oreo,” “Dunk in Love,”, and “Let’s Twist”.

To Love Oreo or not to Love Oreo

Mixed Reviews on Social Media

People on social media are already talking about the new festive flavor.

This new Oreo flavor comes just after Carrot Cake, Buttered Popcorn, and Dark Chocolate flavors were released. What flavor will they think of next?

Where To Buy

We found the new cookies already in stores at Target for $2.99 per package. Can’t wait to get your hands on them? Click here to locate them in a store near you.

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