How Marty’s GM made their famous patty melt even more delicious!

Berkley give us a look at what makes Marty's GM patty melt so great!

The Marty’s GM Patty Melt has been a late-night staple of the Birmingham Metro Area for over twenty-five years. Debuting at Marty’s PM in Five Points South, the Patty Melt was an instant hit.

Marty's GM

When the decision was made to open a second Marty’s location, Marty’s GM in Irondale, the Patty Melt came along too but with some slight changes.

The Marty’s GM Patty Melt

Marty's GM

Improving on a classic is no easy feat. The biggest change the team at Marty’s GM made was to replace the single burger patty on the original Patty Melt with two smash burger patties. They kept the original secret sauce (only one person knows the recipe), toasted bread and grilled onions.

Marty's GM

The onions and burgers are both sautéed in the secret sauce, filling them with flavor and making enough steam to melt the two types of cheese, Swiss and American, which cover the smash burger patties.

Marty's GM

Combine it all on toasted bread and put it in a basket with some fries and you’ve got a very memorable meal!


Marty's GM

The Marty’s GM story

With roots in Birmingham’s historic Five Points South neighborhood, Marty’s GM is the second Marty’s location in the Birmingham metro. Their menu features something for everyone, from our signature smash-style burgers to wings tossed in house-made sauces, and even Beyond burgers for their vegetarian friends.

Marty's GM

Each week boasts new food specials and they have brunch on both Saturdays and Sundays. The restaurant is family-friendly, but their bar won’t leave you hanging if you’re looking for an adult beverage. The Marty’s GM bartenders are some of the best in the game. The bar has six flat-screen TVs and it’s not an issue if you get excited and yell at the football game. Marty’s GM is has been a proud member of the local community and Irondale’s only sports bar since 2018.

Some people say “it takes a village.” For Marty’s, it took a combined 75+ years of experience in Birmingham’s service industry for them to find a new home in Irondale.

Phill and Marsha Mims of Marty’s PM wanted to open a second bar, but did not want to try and replicate PM. Maybe a burger bar would be a good concept? Where would it be? What would it be called? As discussions progressed, they knew the right partners would be the best first step. First they approached Kay Ferguson, a longtime partner of Marty Eagle and former owner of the Southside location.

Marty's GM
Marty Eagle

Kay shared that Marty always dreamed of expanding the Marty’s brand and opening other locations. The Mimses were thrilled when she agreed to come on board and partner for what would eventually become the second Marty’s location. The team was almost complete. With experience opening bars, restaurants, and breweries in the local market; Berkley Seay was the final piece of the puzzle. As luck would have it, Berkley was already the general manager at Marty’s PM. Phill made the call. The conversation was quick. Berkley was on board. “Marty’s 2” was a go.

After months of planning, site scouting, manual labor, menu testing, and finally settling on a name; Marty’s GM opened on May 17, 2018.

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