Mentone Mountain Getaway is just a short drive from the city

If you're looking for scenery, hospitality or just a weekend mountain get away, your destination may be closer than you think. Mentone is the place for making mountain memories.

The length of Lookout Mountain begins in North Alabama and annually brings hikers, bikers, outdoor enthusiasts and Nature lovers to a tiny community in Dekalb county called Mentone.


If you enjoy home-cooked meals, home-grown artisans or even a quiet weekend for doing nothing more than relaxing in a mountain cabin, this is your spot.

There are also nearby scenic wonders including Little River Falls and National Preserve, Desoto Falls and State Park and the only snow skiing in the state.

From the scenic Lookout Mountain Parkway with its breathtaking fall foliage to annual events including spring wildflower festivals, Mentone is a year-round Nature lover’s paradise.

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