Momotaro cafe brings fresh takes on Asian Cuisine to Five Points South!

Momotaro is an Asian cafe serving poke bowls, sweet and savory crepes, rolled ice cream and teas. We went to their newest location in Five Points South and talked to owner Ben Yu about what makes Momotaro so unique!

Momotaro’s goal was to bring something unique to the Birmingham area. They’re among the first cafes in the south to offer fresh and unique Asian cuisine. Everything in the cafe, from the food to the decor, is designed to be eye-cathing. It’s easy to tell when you walk through the door that they pay a lot of attention to detail and do their best to make a great first impression.

Momotaro’s Asian Cuisine


Momotaro’s take on Asian cuisine fuses street food flavors and concepts from Japan and Thailand and serves them in a modern and sophisticated fast-casual café setting. All of the menu items at Momotarō are assembled, plated and prepared right in front of guests, and a host of fresh ingredients are easily viewable along the 32-foot marble top counter.


On the menu, guests can find build-your-own poke bowls and rolled ice cream, Japanese crepes – both sweet and savory – and an assortment of Thai-inspired flavored tea and milk tea. Each tea and juice drink is made fresh to order and is highly customizable. With eight different types of tea leaves and numerous flavoring options, Momotarō boasts one of the most diverse flavored tea palettes in the city.


The new location in Birmingham is Momotarō’s third in the nation, with cafés in State College, Penn., and Ann Arbor, Mich. The 2,350 square-foot space that Momotarō occupies in Five Points South can seat more than 40 guests and was completely redone and transformed in preparation of the opening. The space contains new plumbing, a new kitchen and a custom-created, hand-crafted interior – all built and installed by Yu and his team. The contemporary Cyprus wood and Asian-style rope adorning the walls were all cut and hung by hand in-house, and the red and white colors seen throughout the space are reflective of Asian culture and symbolize fortune and happiness.


The name Momotarō translates to “Peach Boy” and originates from the name of a popular Japanese folklore story in which the hero – Momotarō – is discovered by his parents floating down a river inside of a peach. The peach namesake is reflected in Momotarō’s tea flavors and its logo.

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